Cookbook and essays

Harvesting Tradition

Harvesting Tradition is the cookbook and stories behind the origination and growth of The Heritage Grain CSA. Filled with mouth watering recipes, stunning photography and the history behind our heritage grains and origins and development of the grain CSA itself. More than 200 pages in full color and over 50 recipes to enjoy!

Available in both print and E-book this is sure to be a useful guide in enjoying and getting the most out of your grain share and kitchen.

  • Wonderful context for your full experience
  • A concise and illuminating history of food and ancient grains
  • Ben’s personal and family food origin story
  • Breads, Pastries, soups, stews, stir fries and more
  • Storage and handling guides
  • Stories behind the grains and the farmers featured in the share

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“A perfect compliment to your grain share whether you are new to whole, ancient and heirloom grains or a long time grain enthusiast.”