Four Pillars of Health!

A deeply rooted farm share for healthy happy People

Everything we do in our lives is built upon what has come before us. Our food, our community, our soil, and our farms have always been the foundation for a fully wonderful life. Understanding the history and creating the context that makes for a healthy abundant food system has always been the driving force in our work here. This is our passion and our duty!

Working with the best Organic Farmers growing an incredible selection of ancient and heirloom varieties you won’t have buy commodity grains, flours or beans for your table any longer.  Also because our system is so well tuned and efficient the cost will be significantly lower then if you were to order these online and pay for shipping!

To become a membership and reserve your share, follow the link below. We look forward to serving you in your journey towards complete joy, health and vitality.

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Dedication to Health

We are dedicated to everything health! From the ground up to farmers to the food on your table, we offer a wide-variety of grains, beans and flours that are designed to enrich  your kitchen table.

Grain Share 2022

Recipes & Tutorials

Do you need help learning the methods to prepare and store grains? Check out our recipes and tutorials. We have everything you need to help you with your grain share.


HIstory connection community

Our program is based on creating connection and enriching our sense of tradition, culture and community. Whether you are seeking this in your life or simply want to learn more about how this can add vitality and abundance to your experience we can help you to learn more about these benefits.

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