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Whole Grains, Flours and Beans

We are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality heirloom and ancient whole grains, flours, and beans sourced directly from organic family farms on the west coast. distributed at our distribution in the bay area of California, We are the source for singles, families and friends to get the highest quality grains at the best price available simply and easily.  Explore the website and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. My name is Ben and I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers!!

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About Our farm share

For anyone who wants to experience the connection, inspiration, and vitality from the food they buy and serve to themselves and their loved ones. With over 25 unique selections of whole grains, flours and beans the farm share can provide you with everything you need to stock your pantry for whole year!


We work with Organic Farmers growing an incredible selection of ancient and heirloom varieties, that will fit easily in your kitchen cupboards. And because our system is so efficient the cost will be significantly lower then if you were to order these online and pay for shipping!


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farm shares community & abundance

Our farm share is the perfect way to enhance your meals, connect with your farmers all while giving you the experience of abundance that only comes from a direct relationship with the soil, air and people that feed you! You’ll be amazed at how easy and delicious it is.

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Recipes and guides From the chef

Whether you are fully versed in how to handle and prepare whole ancient grains or are totally new to the process we have the perfect support recipes, tutorials and guidance to help you make the most out of your share everyday. From award winning recipes to the nuts and bolts of how to store and prepare your grains for cooking, baking and muesli making!



history Tradition connection

Everything we do in our lives is built upon what has come before us. Our food, our community, our soil, and our farms have always been the foundation for civilization and healthy living. We will continue to learn, educate and dig deeper on these connections to  make sure we can enjoy, and preserve these critical resources for many generations into the come. This is our passion and our duty!

Harvesting Tradition

Customer Testimonials

Kim M.

“When Ben started the Heritage Grain CSA, we jumped at the opportunity to buy wheat that was locally grown. Now, we’ve experimented with the different varieties of wheat available, and we have learned what our favorites are for biscuits, cookies, crumble, crusts, etc.  The quality is phenomenal. Thank you, Ben ; keep it up!

Brent J.

“Dear Ben,

I’ve been making your “cool control” whole wheat bread ever since you shared the recipe. It is indeed foolproof, and it is outstanding! Never before have I had success with 100% whole wheat bread and I tried for years. Thank you so much!”

Bethany S.

“As someone who chooses not to eat wheat, I’ve gotten a lot of value out of the grain share.

Most of the baking I do is with the oats, buckwheat and corn from the share, which I grind into flour. I’m very happy with the results.

The variety of beans available is wonderful and the popcorn is always a highlight for me.”

Rebecca r.

“I’ve been making my own bread for years, but this recipe changed everything. I don’t have to set aside a day anymore, or settle for soda bread. It’s truly only a few minutes in the making—I just have to plan ahead far enough to be able to bake it within a day. Made with fresh ground flour, milk and a bit of honey. Delicious!”